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one question about Ice-2.1.2.pdf

i have read Ice-2.1.1.pdf. There is one paragraph I can not understand. that is in page 958. it says ,
it(Server Activation) provides more reliability in the case of some server failure scenarios, e.g.,the server is reactivated after a failure and may still be capable of providing some services to clients until the failure is resolved;
Does this paragraph mean ,"if a client fails to get a service, the locator can remember this client and try to get service using this client for many many times? even in spite of the absence of the client?
If it is not as what i say , can you give me a detailed complain about it? and can you give me more detailed example?

when i have finished debugging and terminated the server , how can I clean up the IcePack state?
thank you !!!


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
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  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    1/ This paragraph means that the server will be restarted automatically if it crashes. The crash could be caused by many reasons, for instance, the server ran out of disk space, or an application bug. Generally this type of problem must be fixed by user intervention. However, in the meantime the server may be able to continue to provide some limited functionality.

    2/ It depends what you mean by cleanup. If you mean to totally clean the icepack state, then you need to kill the icepacknode and rm -rf db/registry/* and rm -rf db/node/*. If you don't mean this then please provide more detail.