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icepackadmin extra functionality

Here is a patch for the IcePack Amin tool (icepackadmin).

It is just a quick hack to give some extra functionality:-

1. List the server state of all servers
>>> server state
uow-peach-Course            active (pid = 17114)
uow-SavviRegistry           active (pid = 17004)
uow-SuperUserContract       active (pid = 17161)
uow-apple-StudentContract   inactive

2. Reachability tests for objects given by EXPR (as `object list')
>>> object ping foo*
foobar   reachable
foobam   unreachable

>>> object ping bar
bar   unreachable

3. Reachability tests for all registered objects
>>> object ping
foobar   reachable
barbam   unreachable
bar      unreachable
bam      reachable

I stupidly wrote over the orig sources, so just files not diffs.


to process Grammer.y:
$bison --debug --defines=Grammar.h -o Grammar.cpp Grammar.y
$bison --version
bison (GNU Bison) 1.875a

Note: modified from Ice 2.1.1

In the hope it is usefull...


Note: attatchment is a .zip to satisfy vbulltin, but contains tar.gz


I declare the diffs between originals to be in the public domain.
I also forfeit any intellectual property to ZeroC at no cost.