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ICE Client DLL Template


I would just ask for some help. Although I understand C++, I haven't made a complete application with it since I was still in school (almost a decade since I graduated). Which means I didn't even have a chance to make a DLL using C++.

So what I'm asking are resources, general tips, pointers and if possible a template which I can use so that I can make a DLL for an ICE application.

The basic design premise is:
VB app client (EXE)--> ICE (DLL) <--NETWORK--> ICE (EXE) <-- VB app server (DLL)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.



  • marc
    marc Florida
    You can use any of the Ice services as a template. For example, IcePatch, which creates a DLL from the generated IcePatch C++ code plus several utility functions.
  • Thanks for that info Marc. Although I've found some tutorials on the net on how to make a Win32 DLL, I was looking for an ICE specific implementation.

    I'll be looking at the ICE Patch documentation ASAP. Hehehe. I just finished reading up to page 284 of your documentation last night. Guess I'll just have to jump to the to the chapter on IcePatch. ;)


  • marc
    marc Florida
    There is nothing special with respect to Ice DLLs. They are generated just like any other DLL.

    What I meant with to have a look at IcePatch, is to see an example for how to create a DLL. Any other of the Ice services can be used as an example as well. You won't find anything about this in the Ice documentation, because this is not Ice specific, but standard C++/WIN32 programming.
  • Hello. :)

    I've been looking around and happy that there are a lot of resources on C++ Win32 DLL's.

    Btw. I was trying to find any documentation or code examples for IcePatch and I couldn't find any. Besides the source for it and an file ... there doesnt seem to be any. On your documentation, it was just mentioned in the overview and some small parts but no mentionable topics. Am I missing something?

    Btw. Great documentation. The topics and explanations (so far) are cohesive and clear enough that its actually a good read. I wish I could write documentation that well. ;)

  • marc
    marc Florida
    Yes, documentation for IcePatch is still on our todo list.

    But as I wrote above, any other service can be used as example as well. The documentation doesn't provide anything about Ice DLLs, because there is nothing special about Ice and DLLs.