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the recent hot air on comp.soft-sys.ace

To the ICE developers:

I suggest that you don't post anything else to the ever growing thread on comp.soft-sys.ace. Please.

I think that Doug is doing himself no favours with the FUD-slinging. I also think that the ICE developers don't help by fueling him. Please, I urge you to quietly withdraw. It looks like Doug won't be convinced no matter what is said.

I don't think there's any point in discussing the comp.soft-sys.ace points on this forum either (apart from one, below). AFAICS, ICE users are keen on ICE for all the reasons already covered, especially the easier C++ mapping, and there's no need to cover the issues again.

IMO, one useful thing that did come out of the comp.soft-sys.ace thread was the talk of std-isation. I think that ICE documentation should say *SOMETHING* about what (if anything) is intended to be done about std-isation of the protocol, and any interoperability with other middleware such as CORBA, and indeed other versions of ICE (those implemented by ZeroC). I realise that it is probably too early to commit to std-isation but even saying something like "we plan to do it in the fullness of time" would be something.


Andrew Marlow