IceE can run in my board for Linux and WinCE.

zhangzq71zhangzq71 Member ZhangZQOrganization: WanYiProject: Test ✭✭
I've tried to run IceE in my board for both Linux and WinCE, it runs very well in my board. Here is the brief specification of my board:

1. Samsung S3C2410 CPU.
2. 64M NAND Flash.
3. 64M SDRAM.

It can run 4.2 and Linux 2.4.18, I am porting 2.6.10.

I can provide this board for you to try IceE, and I can design a new PCB based on most popular ARM920 CPU for your special requirement.

If you want further information, please send me email.
email: [email protected]
skype: zhangzq71

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