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IdentitySeq ?


I am playing a little bit with Freeze::Map. For now, I have an .ice file that defines somethings like:
interface Patient
//some operations

sequence<Patient*> PatientPrxSeq;

I know how to create a Freeze::Map with my PatientPrxSeq as value, and it works perfectly.

Now I realize that it would be better for me to store Identity instead of proxies, so I tried to define
sequence<Identity> PatientIdSeq
with the idea to create a Freeze::Map with PatientIdSeq as value. But I was surprised to find that "Identity" is not defined in slice (not like Object).

I know how to create a Freeze::Map with Ice::Identity as value, but how could I do with seqence<Identity> for value ??

Thanks in advance


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    Ice::Identity is defined in Slice, you just need to include <Ice/>. Note that you will also need to specify the --ice option to your Slice compiler, so that it allows you to use the "Ice" symbol in Slice definitions.
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    Thanks a lot for your answer, and for providing Ice, that is a really really good product.