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Question about IceBox

I know IceBox can host serveral services, but Icebox itself seems not be as a service. I mean, say, in Windows, it can not be started as a common service since its base class (c++ and java) is Application.
This is not very convenient because the icebox app. needs a console window I did not want.
There must be some considerations when designed. Could you please say more about it ?




  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    There is no particular reason why IceBox cannot be a windows service.
  • Sorry Matthrew. :confused: . Do you mean that if icebox is used, the console window is definitely showed? Or are there some ways to run a icebox as a Windows service?
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    You cannot run it directly as a service unless you modify the source. However, you might be able to use the windows service wrapper that Microsoft provides. See here for details.
  • A .NET Foundation Class Library class - System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase - allows you to easily write C# code that will run as a windows service. I am attempting to start multiple instances of IceBox with different hosted service instances from a ServiceBase subclass(including IceStorm). I am planning to do so by invoking a series of .bat files which are currently used to manually start the IceBox instances - scripts that look something like

    c:\ice-3.0.1\bin\icebox.exe --Ice.Config=F:\cvs_sandbox\Halo\halo\3rdGen\config\inroom\svcconfig_icestorm.config

    I assume I will have to add the c:\ice-3.0.1\bin\ directory to the PATH so that all of the .dll depenencies from icebox.exe can be resolved. Do you have any other comments on such an approach?