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IceStorm "batch" reliability with Java?

I'm playing with some publish/subscribe code in Java that works fine until
I set the QoS parameter "reliability" to "batch", at which point the subscriber no
longer receives published messages. (It also stops receiving if I use
ice_batchOneway() instead of ice_oneway() in the publisher, but I'm concerned
here with the first issue. This is with JDK 1.5 and Ice 2.1.2 under Linux RH9.

Before I trouble people too much about this, does anyone have the Clock demo
from the c++ demo suite rewritten in Java? Having that as a working example
might help me track down my problem faster.



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    I'm not aware of any port of this demo to Java. However, we might be able to help if you take a look at [thread=1697]this thread[/thread] for our new support policy :).

  • I think the signature's there now. Is this a known issue? Quite literally the
    code works fine if I use null or an empty java.util.Map for the QoS, but the
    moment I add the "batch" value to the reliability paramter the subscriber
    no longer sees any messages. I thought I could play with a Java version
    of Clock to see what wrong with our setup.
  • I've solved the problem. The default MessageSizeMax is too small for
    batching messages through IceStorm.