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problem with demo bidir

Hi, I am trying demo bidir in ICE-2.1.0, and have a problem:
i want to test out the maximum concurrent bidir conection number supported by server.
so i run one server and start as many clients as possible.
the test result is that:
server in Windows XP SP1, client in Windows XP SP1, after 3 clients connect to server, the server stops accepting incoming connection.

Can anyone figure out the reason?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Hi Kan,

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    It should support more connections than just 3. What is your machine configuration (CPU/memory)? Which error do you get when the 4th client tries to connect to the server? Can you try to run your server and clients with the --Ice.Trace.Network=2 command line option? This might give more information.

  • Thanks Benoit, I did set, and can see some trace message. the 4th client did not throw any error message, seems just blocked
    by server. there was no message at server side either.

    My test environment is:
    all clients in one PC: XP SP1 with 256M RAM, Celetron 1.4G
    I open several clients DOS Prompt Windows.

    server in another PC: Win2k SP4 with 192M RAM, Celetron 1.4G

    In theroy, will there be any limitation for concurrent connection number?

    Thanks very much!

  • marc
    marc Florida
    Do some of the operation calls block, or do they all return immediately? If they can block, you must increase the number of threads in the server-side thread pool. Try Ice.ThreadPool.Server.Size=10. Alternatively, you could use a thread-per-connection concurrency model. Please see the Ice manual for more details.

    There is no limit for the number of concurrent connections, other than the limits set by your operating system.
  • Thanks, Marc. You are correct. After setting Ice.ThreadPool.Server.Size=10;
    the problem is solved. Another quesiton, I didn't find property for thread pool per connection. Could you give me an hint?


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Hi Kan,

    Sorry, the thread per connection model is not yet fully documented. It will be better documented the up-coming release. To use the thread per connection model, you need to set the Ice.ThreadPerConnection property to 1. With this property set, each connection will have a dedicated thread and incoming requests received over this connection will be dispatched by this dedicated thread.