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IcePack and IceE

Our existing project uses IcePack's locator registry to register and locate servants. Now I'm planning to add a Pocket PC to our system. Is it possible to register PPC's servant with IcePack registry and also retrieve proxies to other objects from that registry? It looks like there is no direct support of the IcePack service in IceE. If it is possible, could you provide some guidelines? In our desktop applications we use IcePack's Admin object to add or remove objects to or from the registry. But I can't use it in IceE.


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    With a little bit of effort you can still access the IcePack registry from an Ice-E application. You'll need to create simplified versions of the IcePack Slice files ( and in order to translate them for Ice-E. I suggest removing all of the operations and data types from IcePack::Admin that you do not use. You will also need to remove the inclusion of, and supply equivalent sequence definitions. For example, in
    #include <Ice/>
    // #include <Ice/> // disabled
    module Ice {
        sequence<Object*> ObjectProxySeq;
    Hope that helps,
    - Mark
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    mes California
    One other thing: you'll need to specify the --ice command line option when running the translator because the Slice definitions use "Ice" in their names.

    - Mark
  • Thanks, Mark. It works. I also added and edited