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How can I catch the Ice::ConnectionLostException in bi_dir server?

To test the bi_dir. when I shutdown the communicator from client. the server will show a waring :TcpTransceiver.cpp:275: Ice:ConnectionLostException.
I want to catch the exception in my program, so I can deal with some clean works. How can I do it?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    You can't catch this exception, it's catched by the Ice internals. You can disable this warning by setting the Ice.Warn.Connections property to 0.

    Even if this was possible, I wouldn't recommend relying on the closure of the network connection for the server to do some cleanup when the client goes away: this might work if you use bi-dir but this wouldn't work anymore if you decide to use Glacier2 between your server and client for example.

    A better aproach is to use explicit sessions between the server and client. Take a look at the demo/Ice/session demo and the Ice newsletters for more information on sessions.

  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    To test this I modified the bidir demo as follows:
    class CallbackReceiverI : public CallbackReceiver
        virtual void
        callback(Ice::Int num, const Ice::Current& c)
            cout << "received callback #" << num << endl;
            if(num % 3 == 2)
                cout << "Shutting down..." << endl;

    When I try this I get in the server:

    adding client `e61fb1c4-d757-4bb5-bf41-4a37130937a5'
    removing client `e61fb1c4-d757-4bb5-bf41-4a37130937a5':
    c:\src\vc60\stage\Ice-2.1.2\src\ice\Outgoing.cpp:415: Ice::UnknownLocalException
    unknown local exception:
    c:\src\vc60\stage\Ice-2.1.2\src\ice\ConnectionFactory.cpp:446: Ice::Communicator
    communicator object destroyed

    Which doesn't match what you are saying. What exactly are you doing? Can you provide an example that demonstrates the problem?