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Ice 2.1.2 update to 3.0 in FC3 ??

thanks a lot for Ice 3.0.!!!!
But you support now FC4 and some of the users like me uses FC3 with Ice 2.1.1.
Is it possible to just run the rpm installer with the FC4 Ice 3.0 packet or are there some things to pay attention for like uninstall Ice 2.1.1 ?

Please give us some instructions about update an old Ice version to your new Ice 3.0 on FC3 also for the PHP version.

Thanks a lot
greetings surfer


  • It is unlikely that you will be able to install the FC4 RPMS on an FC3 box due to unresolved dependencies. Your FC3 box most likely does not have the required RPMs installed. It might be possible to find new FC3 RPMS somewhere and update your system to the required versions, but I would not recommend it. It is much simpler to build the bits of Ice you want from the source distributions. Please note that you will still have to make sure you have the required versions of Berkeley DB, OpenSSL, Expat, etc. installed (see INSTALL.Linux for details).

    As someone is likely to point it out you could try building Ice using the SRPM. While this might work on some systems, you will probably still run into issues with dependencies. For example, FC3 comes with an older version of Berkeley DB whereas Ice-3.0.0 requires Berkeley DB 4.3.27 or newer.