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About Ice::Stats interface

Because I am not proficient at middleware stuff, I do not know if it is feasible or reasonable to provide much more information about network traffics to users.I notice the Ice::Stats interface,which can intercept the transiver and give some info about the bytes (sent or read). However ,the infomation seems very raw and insufficient.
When I make my own patch server, I want to monitor ervey trafic of the current connetions to my server , but I can not figue out one feasible method based on ice. Maybe I miss or misunderstand something about ice, so I post this question here.
Hope getting your clarifying.



  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    What information do you want to know specifically?
  • hi, matthrew,
    how to get the sent or received bytes corresponding to every connection ? The StatsI may give out these info but no info from which connection.
    I want to implement something like this:

    Remote Address Local Address Recevied bytes sent bytes 100 100 222222 444444 200 55 6666 7777
  • You cannot access such information using the Ice::Stats interface. The only solution would be to write a custom logger that keeps track of the network trace data that you get if you set Ice.Trace.Network=3.
  • hi, Marc,
    Do you think it is right to add some trace messages to the Stats interface then end users can get more info about the network in programs even without logger?