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slice2cpp possible problem

I think slice2cpp has a possible problem with whitespaces (at least on windows).
D:\C_Programs\SDS\Ice>slice2cpp *.ice -Id:\program files\coding\ice\slice
In file included from No include path in which to find Ice/ `Ice::Plugin' is not defined

D:\C_Programs\SDS\Ice>slice2cpp *.ice -I"D:\Program Files\Coding\Ice\slice"
icecpp.exe: Files\Coding\Ice\slice: No such file or directory   [i]--> Weird error code here?? icecpp.exe???[/i]

D:\C_Programs\SDS\Ice>slice2cpp *.ice -Id:\progra~1\coding\ice\slice


When used the correct directory without spaces, it's OK... When used with spaces it's not...



  • Thanks for the bug report. I've recently checked in a fix for this so, in the next release of Ice, slice2cpp will be able to handle spaces in path names.


  • More problems with spaces


    I've got a patch for this if problem if anyone wants it.

    It also seems like backslashes are getting stripped out of arguments to the preprocessor, which mangles -I options. Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me? I can fix if necessary, but if someone else knows that I am misusing things and can clue me in, I'd appreciate it. This seems to be a new issue in 3.0.