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Problems migrating fron IcePack to IceGrid

xdm La Coruña, Spain
I have same problems migrating from IcePack to IceGrid.

I have a icebox service previous working with IcePack with out problems whe i try to migrate this service to icegrid my service terminated unexpectly when I try to create a Freeze::Evictor

ServiceI code:
Oz::Files::FileServiceI::start(const std::string& name, const
   Ice::CommunicatorPtr& communicator, const Ice::StringSeq& args)
	std::cout<<"Try to start FileServiceI"<<std::endl;
	Oz::Files::FileServiceI::_adapter =communicator->createObjectAdapter(name);
	std::cout<<"adapter name: "<<name<<" created ok"<<std::endl;

	std::cout<<"Evictor created OK"<<std::endl;

icegridnode ouput:
[ icegridnode: Server: changed server `FileService' state to `Inactive' ]
[ icegridnode: Server: changed server `FileService' state to `Activating' ]
[ icegridnode: Activator: activating server `FileService'
  path = /opt/Ice-3.0.0/bin/icebox
  pwd =
  args = /opt/Ice-3.0.0/bin/icebox --Ice.Config=/opt/oz-tpv/DB/icegrid/saturno/servers/FileService/config/config --Ice.Default.Locator=IceGrid/Locator:tcp -h -p 12000 --Ice.ServerId=FileService ]
[ icegridnode: Activator: activated server `FileService' (pid = 5204) ]
[ icegridnode: Server: changed server `FileService' state to `WaitForActivation' ]
Try to start FileServiceI
adapter name: Files created ok
[ icegridnode: Activator: detected termination of server `FileService' ]
[ icegridnode: Adapter: server `FileService' adapter `FileService.Files.Files' deactivated ]
[ icegridnode: Server: changed server `FileService' state to `Inactive' ]

Icegrid descripto:
	<application name="oz-files">
	<node name="saturno">
		<icebox id="FileService"
			<service name="Files" entry="Files:create">
				<adapter name="${service}" endpoints="tcp"/>
				<dbenv name="Files" home="/opt/oz-tpv/DB/Files"/>
				<property name="Identity" value="FileServer/FileServer"/>
				<property name="Ice.MessageSizeMax" value="20480"/>
				<property name="Freeze.DbEnv.Files.OldLogsAutoDelete" value="0"/>
				<property name="Freeze.DbEnv.Files.DbPrivate" value="0"/>
			<property name="Freeze.DbEnv.Files.CheckpointPeriod" value="-1"/>

any ideas of what is wrong?



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Jose,

    I'd recommend to add a try / catch block around your evictor creation. If this creation fails, you want more info about the problem.

    Also, did you check that your database home directory, /opt/oz-tpv/DB/Files, exists and is writable by your application?

    Best regards,
  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Thanks bernard for your reply.

    The problem was that FilesService was linked with a diferent db_cxx version of one that is used with Ice.

    sorry for disturb you with this question