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Visual Studio 2005 C# ICE Issues

I have been writing ICE applications with VS 2003 C# and it works great. I thought I'd give VS 2005 a try and ran into warning messages when running the same application. I get an invalid dll reference in icecs.dll warning.

I have not noticed any side effects from this warning, the apps still run fine. Today however I tested an app that uses IceStorm with VS 2005 C# and the publisher worked fine, but the subscriber got an invalid cast exception.

You can recreate the warning and cast exception in VS 2005 C# by running the Clock IceStorm demo provided by zeroc.


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  • I didn't know about the support policy, here is my signature.
  • Thanks for the bug report. VS 2005 is currently not supported--the VS2005 release was just a few days before the Ice 3.0 release, which didn't give us enough time to add support for VS 2005. The next major release of Ice will support this compiler. (Unfortunately, it's a not entirely trivial to support VS 2005 because MS have made incompatible changes to both .NET 2.0 and the build environment.)