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VC++.net2003 link error

when I compile my application,it shows the error messages,like
"LINK : error LNK2020: ......(0A0000AE) IceInternal.Direct.__dtor
LINK : error LNK2020: .......(0A0000CC) IceDelegateM.Ice.Object.__dtor
LINK : fatal error LNK1120: "

Maybe I have not config the right setting of,but I do not how to do?
I need your help!!!


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

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  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi YueZhong Qu,

    I suspect you get this error because you did not include the slice-generated .cpp file(s) in your project.

    If that's not the problem, could you post the exact error you get?

    Best regards,
  • The detailed messages!

    Because my software installed is Chinese Version,I am very sorry that I don't know how to translate it into English in professional terms.
    The detailed error messages are followed:
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A00001F) IceProxy.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000021) IceDelegate.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000024) IceDelegateD.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000026) IceInternal.Outgoing.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000027) Ice.OperationNotExistException.__ctor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A00002A) Ice.MarshalException.__ctor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A00002B) Ice.NoObjectFactoryException.__ctor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000078) IceInternal.Direct.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A0000B3) IceDelegateM.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A0000D4) Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A0000DB) Ice.Application.__dtor
    LINK : fatal error LNK1120: 11 个无法解析的外部命令

    IceTestServer - 12 错误,3 警告

    已启动生成: 项目: IceTestClient, 配置: Release Win32

    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000053) IceProxy.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A00008A) IceDelegate.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A00008D) IceDelegateD.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A00008F) IceInternal.Outgoing.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000090) Ice.OperationNotExistException.__ctor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000093) Ice.MarshalException.__ctor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A000094) Ice.NoObjectFactoryException.__ctor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A0000A6) IceInternal.Direct.__dtor
    LINK : error LNK2020: 无法解析的标记(0A0000C4) IceDelegateM.Ice.Object.__dtor
    LINK : fatal error LNK1120: 9 个无法解析的外部命令
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    You need to link with Ice.lib and IceUtil.lib (in release mode); in debug mode, use Iced.lib and IceUtild.lib.

    With Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional (English), add these .lib to
    Project->Properties->Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies

    I also recommend to study the project files for the demos included in the Ice distribution.

    Best regards,
  • It's OK!!

    you are right!
    Thank you very much!!