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Ice 3.0.1 released

Ice 3.0.1 is now available. This patch release fixes several issues, including:
  • Fixed a bug where the IceGrid node would fail to retrieve the CPU utilization on localized Windows versions.
  • Fixed a bug in the slice parsers that caused problems if an included file contained white space in the file name.
  • Fixed a bug in the treatment of default contexts: proxies were created with an empty context instead of the default context on the communicator in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug in endpoint comparisons that would cause unnecessary new connections under some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug in IceGrid on Windows where environment variables set in server descriptors would not override those already set in the node's environment.
Also included in this release are:
  • Windows installers for Visual Studio 2005.
  • Expanded support for 64 bit Windows and Linux on AMD 64 bit processors.
  • Support for Apple's Xcode 2.2 development tools.
  • New demos for Visual Basic, C# and Python.
You can obtain the new release from our download page. Ice 3.0.1 is fully backwards binary compatible to Ice 3.0.0.