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how to get endpoints from an indirect proxy?

hello experts,

I have an indirect proxy, which I use, e.g. ice_ping(). It gets resolved through the IceGridRegistry and everything works.

I can see which endpoint was used if I turn Ice.Trace.Network. Is it possible at this point to get the resolved endpoint programmatically? I'd like to display them for debugging purposes.

I was hoping I could just ask my proxy but I guess it doesn't store it. Do I have to talk to IceGridRegistry myself and do what Ice runtime does internally?

thanks, alex


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    You should be able to get the connection with a call to ice_connection(), and then use the Connection::toString() to discover debugging information about the established connection.
  • Thanks Matthew,

    it works. Too easy! :)

    cheers, alex