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General compile question


I'm using WindowsXP Pro with Visual Studio .NET to compile my Ice Application. Everything was working file but when I put the binary files and dependencies on a Win98SE client machine ... my Ice Application throws an error. :(

Putting the same file on a Win2K machine works fine and the machine can actually ping my server (its over a leased line) so its not connectivity. I wish I could give more info but getting to that machine will take an 18 hour drive.

So my question is: Do I have to compile on Win98 so that my application can work on that platform?

It would be a little difficult to do so though (have to downgrade a PC and install bunch of stuff in it).

Thanks in advance for any info.



  • marc
    marc Florida
    So far we never tested Ice on Windows 95/98/ME. Only one Windows 2000/XP.

    What errors do you get?
  • Hello Marc,

    The guy who was helping me test already left (its already 10pm here) ... I'll try to get more info tomorrow. :)

  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    I recommend to build only on Windows 2000 or XP. The shell on Windows 98 is very limited, so it's likely that building Ice there would fail.
    Ice can probably run on Windows 98 SE, maybe after a few changes ... let us know the error(s) you're getting.

  • Hello.

    Just got off the phone with the guy who was helping me test. Unfortunately, he couldn't give more info cause he's not a techie.

    I'm currently formatting ... uhum ... "downgrading" one of the PC's here to Win98. I'll let you guys know what comes out of it. :)

  • Hello.

    The screenshot just hot off the Win98 PC. What I did was compiled the Hello World application described in Chapter 3 of the Ice Manual. I then copied them to the Win98 pc with all the DLL dependencies.

    I acknowledge the fact that you guys dont support Win9x systems. Unfortunately, my target client platforms ranges from Win9x, WinME, NT4, Win2K and WinXP with the bulk in Win9x (the PC's in the Factories). Is it possible that you guys can look into getting the libraries to run?