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Problem with RequestFailedException constructor documentation

In Ice for Java (and maybe other language mappings as well), the RequestFailedException (and subclasses such as ObjectNotExistException) has two constructors: a no-arg constructor, and a constructor that takes an Identity and two Strings.

The manual describes the three arguments (page 1404), but unfortunately the order in which they're listed is different from the constructor's signature. This makes it a bit unclear which String is which. I'm pretty sure it's identity, facet, operation (judging by the the source code in Connections #11), but the manual should be fixed to list them in the proper order.

I kinda wonder, though, that since this part of the manual was generated from the slice code, whether the slice2docbook program is simply listing the arguments in alphabetical order. If so, this is definitely a bug.




  • This part is indeed generated from the Slice documentation with slice2docbook. However, I don't think there is a bug. From a Slice perspective, there is no such thing as constructors, as these are language-mapping specific constructs. So all the generated documentation lists are the data members of the exception (their names along with their meanings). But I do agree that the constructors should be documented somewhere else (but not in the language-independent Slice reference section).
  • Actually, I think all we need to do is to list the data members in order, instead of sorting them alphabetically. The order of arguments in constructors can then be derived from the language mapping rules and the Slice reference documentation. I will add this to our TODO list. Thanks for reporting the problem.