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In my program, I call Ice::stringToIdentity("abc"), but my program hangs up.

i traced into IceUtil.StringUtil.unescapeString

IceUtil::unescapeString(const string& s, string::size_type start, string::size_type end, string& result)
assert(end <= s.size());
assert(start <= end);

result.reserve(end - start);

while(start < end)
char ch = s[start]; :confused: HANGS UP AT THIS LINE:confused:
if(ch == '\\')
if(start == end)
return true;


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  • My signature updated

    sorry, my first time to post
  • Now it worked

    Is it a foolish question? i do no know why it worked now.
    I am using VC++ 6
  • Perhaps the problem is caused by a library mix-up of some sort? Perhaps you are mixing STLport with the built-in STL?