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The Internet Communications Engine

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ZeroC(TM) debuts with Ice: The Internet Communications Engine(TM).

Ice is a modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA(TM) or
COM/DCOM/COM+. Ice is easy to learn, yet provides a powerful network
infrastructure for demanding technical applications. Ice shines where
technologies such as SOAP or XML-RPC are too slow, or do not provide
sufficient scalability or security.

Ice boasts an impressive array of features, including:

* An object-oriented specification language.
* Easy to use C++ and Java(TM) mappings.
* Highly efficient protocol, including protocol compression.
* Asynchronous Method Invocation and Asynchronous Method Dispatch.
* Dynamic transport plug-ins.
* TCP/IP and UDP/IP support.
* SSL-based security.
* An Ice firewall solution.
* Automatic persistence using XML, including support for versioning.
* A typed messaging service with support for federation.
* A software patching and updating service.
* Sophisticated deployment tools.
* Extensive documentation.

Ice is free software, available with full source, and released under
the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Ice represents ZeroC's first step in offering a new class of
high-quality and efficient middleware tools. Ice is ZeroC's foundation
for future Web service offerings, CORBA or SOAP adapters, and other
middleware technologies.

ZeroC was founded by middleware industry veterans, including Marc
Laukien, Michi Henning, Matthew Newhook, and Mark Spruiell.

For more information on Ice and ZeroC, please visit our Web site at


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