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I create a Session object after authenticate a user. Now how can I share auth token from every call to other ice object as HttpSession do?
I try to use context but i have to pass it to every object. I would like to have something global.


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    One way for do it is using a facade

    read this thread for more info
  • Sessions have been discussed here on these forums many times. I recommend to search this forum for "session" to get more information about the various possibilities to implement sessions.
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    You might also want to check the first article of Connections. See where I wrote about session management with Glacier and the session demo which does't require Glacier (demo/Ice/session).

    If you REALLY want to use a Context (which is a bad idea) then you can set this globally, on a per-proxy basis and on a per-call basis. See the Ice manual for details.