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Language: Java

I am getting NullPointerException when I am sending a request to the server with a parameter containing uninitialized data structure.

I will get an exception at the on the client-side data structure class __write method.

How can I pass in a null data structure and not get an NullPointerException? Is this a limitation of ICE?

The only other choice is to create a flag to indicate valid/invalid data in the data structure and allocate memory for the data structure.

I am using ICE version 3.0.1.

Thanks for any help.
David T.
Java GUI client communicates to C++ server to pull data to display to user.


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    You might post a little code to show what you are doing, but in general, there is no representation of NULL in ICE. You can have a NULL reference (which is what I think what you mean), but you can't have something like a NULL integer. Many languages don't support NULL in this way.

  • I am referring to complex data structure and not primitive data type (i.e. int, float, ...)

    Assuming that I have the following data structures

    struct AddressType
    int streetNum;
    string streetName;

    struct PersonType
    string firstName;
    string lastName;
    AddressType address;

    Assuming that I send a request with the PersonType as a params with the member field address assigns to null.
    I will get an NullPointerException at AddressType.__write()

    Since the generated code does not taken into account that the field is null and tries to access __write() method, the Exception occurs.

    Hope that help.
    David Tom
    Data Validator
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    You cannot pass null for structs, since structs have value semantics, not reference semantics. For example, for the Slice-to-C++ mapping, Slice structs are translated to C++ structs which are passed by value.

    Instead of structs, you can use classes, which have reference semantics. For a discussion of structs vs. classes, please see the Ice manual, chapter 4.11.6 "Classes Versus Structures".
  • Thank you, I will look into the chapter