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problem with c++ compilation

I would like to test the Hello program in the Ice Book in c++.

I wrote the differents programs (HelloI.cpp, Server.cpp,...)
I compile them using gcc 3.4.4 with cygwin.

I get a lot of errors. I check my programs. It seems i didn't do errors while coping them from the book.

Maybe the problems is because I use cygwin... I don't know.

I join my programs and a file which contain the errors.

Could you tell me what is wrong ?

Thanks a lot


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Ice isn't supported with gcc under cygwin -- of course, you could port it yourself, but you'll have better luck if you use one of the supported installations.
  • Thnak you for your answer !
  • Compiled with cl

    I have compiled your files with cl.exe and all was ok only in server.cpp had an error in line 24 adapter:undeclared identifier, i think that you miss and "d" 2 lines up ;) , after i try to run but it fails and shows a message :

    f:\Ice-3.0.1-VC60\include\IceUtil/Handle.h:39: IceUtil::NullHandleException

    But i don`t know anything about this yet, All will arrive :D

    Un saludo, bye
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    NullHandleException means that you are using a handle which has not yet been assigned. For example:

    Ice::ObjectAdapterPtr adapter;

    This would cause a NullHandleException. Its more or less equivalent to dereferencing a null pointer.