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Bug in Makefiles of Blobject examples (Connections 11)


Today I finished reading Issue 11 of Connections and tried the example code. I believe that the two Makefiles contained in are faulty. They set top_srcdir to the value of the $ICE_HOME environment variable.

However, no matter how I try to define $ICE_HOME, the make process fails. If I set ICE_HOME = /usr/share/doc/Ice-3.0.1 according to blobject(_async)/Makefile, the included config/Make.rules fails to find the directory $ICE_HOME/slice (which happens to be /usr/share/slice according to the RPM installation).

If I set ICE_HOME to /usr/share for config/Make.rules, blobject(_async)/Makefile fails, because it doesn't find $ICE_HOME/config/Make.rules in the first place.

The resolution seems to be to follow the convention of other Makefiles in associated ZIP files (e.g., the of Issue 11) and to set top_srcdir = /usr/share/doc/Ice-3.0.1 explicitly. With this setting, "make" runs through.

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  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Yes, sorry -- you are correct. With an RPM installation the included Makefile does not work. The correct solution is as you say.