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Server compile error!

I have written the slice as shown below:
module GISS
struct NetPacket
string szAlias;
short uiType;
short uiHWAddr;
short uiAddr;
double fVMin;
double fVMax;
string szVUnit;
double fEMin;
double fEMax;
string szEUnit;
double fFactor;
sequence<NetPacket> NetPackets;

sequence<double> DataPackets;

interface DDTProtocol
bool init(NetPackets np);
bool config();
bool trigger();
DataPackets getData();

string queryError();


And the server implemet is:
#include <IceUtil/Thread.h>
#include <IceUtil/Monitor.h>
#include "ddtp.h"
#include "LogI.h"

class DDTProtocolI;
typedef IceUtil::Handle<DDTProtocolI> DDTProtocolIPtr;

class DDTProtocolI : public GISS::DDTProtocol, public IceUtil::Monitor<IceUtil::Mutex>
DDTProtocolI(const LogIPtr&, HWManager*);

virtual bool init(const GISS::NetPackets&, const Ice::Context&);
virtual bool config(const Ice::Context&);
virtual bool trigger(const Ice::Context&);
virtual GISS::DataPackets getData(const Ice::Context&);
virtual std::string queryError(const Ice::Context&);

void destroy();

void run();

bool _destroy;

bool ice_invoke(std::string, DWORD);

std::string _error;
GISS::NetPackets _NetPackets;
GISS::DataPackets _DataPackets;

LogIPtr _log;
HWManager* _HWManager;

class DDTProtocolThread : public IceUtil::Thread
DDTProtocolThread(const DDTProtocolIPtr& ddtprotocol) :

virtual void run()

const DDTProtocolIPtr _DDTProtocol;

IceUtil::ThreadPtr _DDTProtocolThread;


// Create a communicator and object adapter.
Ice::CommunicatorPtr communicator;
Ice::ObjectAdapterPtr adapter;
LogIPtr log;
int argc = 0;
Ice::PropertiesPtr properties = Ice::createProperties();
communicator = Ice::initializeWithProperties(argc, 0, properties);
log = new LogI;
adapter = communicator->createObjectAdapter("Hello");
catch(const IceUtil::Exception& ex)
std::ostringstream ostr;
ostr << ex;
std::string s = ostr.str();
AfxMessageBox(CString(s.c_str()), MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
return FALSE;


// Instantiate the servant.
//Ice::ObjectPtr servant = new DDTProtocolI(log, &m_HWManager);
adapter->add(new DDTProtocolI(log, &m_HWManager), Ice::stringToIdentity("hello"));
log->message(0, "Ready to receive requests.");

When compiled,I had got the error message as "Error 25 error C2259: 'DDTProtocolI' : cannot instantiate abstract class".
What is the matter?


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    The signature of the methods in the servant implementation are wrong. You have, for example,
    virtual bool init(const GISS::NetPackets&, const Ice::Context&);

    This should be:
    virtual bool init(const GISS::NetPackets&, const Ice::Current&);

    Please also fill our your signature information as described in the link in my signature.
  • Thnak you for your answer !
  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    You are welcome, however, please note that your signature does not mention your organization or project. If you need further help you should provide that information.