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Share endpoint between services in IceBox


I played with my custom IceBox for python to host multiple python services and found out that in config file i need to put separate endpoints for every service, ie for every service on localhost i put different port number.
Is it possible in IceBox, in general, to have one endpoint shared between all services?



  • mes
    mes California

    It would be possible for two IceBox services to share an endpoint, but only if the services cooperated with one another to share a single object adapter instance (since object adapters own the endpoints). This would certainly not be a typical use case for IceBox. Even if several services were configured to share a single communicator, each service would normally create its own object adapter and therefore get its own endpoint.

    Why do you want to use only one endpoint?

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    - Mark
  • Hi, Mark.

    Sharing a single object adapter instance - that's what i had in mind and actually played a bit with it, no luck so far - but i think i make some misconfiguration.
    mes wrote:
    Why do you want to use only one endpoint?

    From perspective that multiple services may complement each other and actually form the single application from the user's point of view it seems logical(at least for me :) ) to have possibility for client to access IceBox using one endpoint and considering IceBox as single application. As i'm in a process of exploring Ice i think i may change my mind regarding how IceBox would/should be used finally :)