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Compiling Ice-E for new Windows CE 5.0 Target

Hello All

I've test-compiled Ice-E (embedded ice) with the already supplied target for pocket-PC 2003 and compiling worked fine. Great.

Now my problem/question:
I've got an other Win CE 5.0 Target (including appropriate SDK) for development under MS-Visual Studio 2005 (VC8). The Processor type is ARMV4I.

I've tried to port the pocket-pc 2003 solution to the other target. But when linker comes into play. I get the following error message (when trying to build ice):

Error 1 fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'THUMB' conflicts with target machine type 'ARM' coredll.lib

Now, obviously my ARMV4I platform is not compatible with the one used in pocket-pc 2003 platform.

What do I have to change in the solution / project settings, so that the correct type and correct "coredll.lib" is chosen.

Sorry, if this is a dumb question... :confused:

I would appreciate any help very much.
Thank you.



  • HpGislerOpenHpGislerOpen Member
    Ok. I've found the problem. If anybody is interested:
    The linker flag: '/MACHINE:ARM' needs to be set to 'MACHINE:THUMB'

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