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Ice 3.1 released

beaglesbeagles Member Brent EaglesOrganization: Eagles Technologies IncProject: Asterisk SCF ✭✭✭
ZeroC, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the Internet communications Engine (Ice), version 3.1. Ice 3.1 supports advanced grid computing, with new features for resource allocation and scheduling, enhanced security, and improved administration.

Other new features of Ice 3.1 include:
  • Improved performance through overall optimization and support for "zero copy" techniques.
  • Improved language mappings, such as support for Java 5 types and custom C++ sequence types.
  • Enhanced security features for Glacier2, including new filter capabilities and improved session control.
  • Complete rewrite of IceSSL with many new features and simplified configuration.
  • Ice for C# now supports .NET 2.0, and includes an SSL transport plug-in.
In addition to traditional proprietary licensing models for commercial customers, Ice is also freely available as Open Source under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). You can download the complete Ice source and documentation from http://www.zeroc.com/download.html.
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