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ICE Protocol - Questions ...

In the ACM Queue article below

One of the paragraphs read as follows

Data is not tagged with its type on the wire and is encoded as compactly as possible: The encoding uses no padding (everything is byte-aligned) and applies a number of simple techniques to save bandwidth. For example, positive integers less than 255 require a single byte instead of four bytes, and strings are not NUL terminated. This encoding is more compact (sometimes by a factor of two or more, depending on the type of data) than CORBA’s CDR (common data representation) encoding.

Is there MORE documentation on the ICE type encodong scheme? If CDR is not being used are you using something like ASN.1 Packed Encoding Rules??? Where can I read more about this type encoding??? This important to me because I am trying to send data across a severely bandwidth constrained pipe ...


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