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Another small manual fix

On page 1399, section 42.9.1 "Server Configuration" for IceStorm:

The property: IceBox.Service.IceStorm was updated for Ice 3.1 to use the new entry point createIceStorm, but the 30 needs to be updated to a 31, I believe.


  • Thanks muchly, we'll fix that for the next release.


  • Hi Michi,

    I found another small one:

    Section 29.10 on threads (page 712 in my 3.1.0 manual):

    There is a small example about using the isAlive method. Namely, the line:


    Isn't right because t is defined as a ThreadControl object and isAlive should be called directly on the thread.
  • Also, one clarification I think you may want to make (this one bit me for a couple of hours today). If you don't use a ThreadPtr to hold onto your thread, the internal implementation (which uses ThreadPtr) will delete the thread instance once it exits the run() method.

    I was using a pimpl class:

    class MyThread : public IceUtil::Thread

    d = new MyThread; // d is a MyThread *

    delete d;

    And it was failing on double destruction since MyThread deletes itself once run exits. Changing the code to use an IceUtil::Handle<MyThread> for d make it work.

    I think it might be helpful to explicitly state this behavior in the docs.

  • Thanks for that, I'll fix this!