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IceBox with C#

tkriegertkrieger Member Thomas KriegerOrganization: Analytic Pipe GmbHProject: BISS

i try to go my first steps with the icebox and c#. But i won't work for me, so hope someone can help me here.

I compile an dll with the class where the extended IceBox.Service Class is implemented. This dll comes also with the config file:

where the start method appears like this:

_adapter = communicator.createObjectAdapter(name);
_adapter.add(new SCMRespositoryIcer(),Ice.Util.stringToIdentity("scmRepository"));

IceBox.ServiceManager.Endpoints=tcp -p 12345
scmRepository.EndPoint=tcp -p 11001

when i start the icebox with "mono /usr/bin/iceboxnet.exe --Ice.Config=icebox.config" no message appears and it seems to run.

So i tried to run an client which creates an proxy:

url = string.Format("scmRepository:tcp -h {0} -p {1}",host,port);
iceProxy = SCMRepositoryIcePrxHelper.checkedCast(communicator.stringToProxy(url));

but here i get an Ice.ConnectionRefused error!

i looked at the parameters host and port but they are correct. so i don't know what my mistake is.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance



  • benoitbenoit Rennes, FranceAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Benoit FoucherOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff

    It looks like your service isn't listening the expected port. You could start the IceBox server with --Ice.Trace.Network=2 to see on which network interface(s) and port it's listening.

    Also, your configuration file contains the following property:
    tkrieger wrote:
    scmRepository.EndPoint=tcp -p 11001

    This should be "scmRepository.Endpoint=tcp -p 11001" instead ("Endpoint instead of "EndPoint"). Most likely your service isn't listening on port 11001 because of this typo.

    Let us know if this doesn't solve your problem!

  • tkriegertkrieger Member Thomas KriegerOrganization: Analytic Pipe GmbHProject: BISS
    Yes solved the problem


    i now see the mistake....now the icebox servers listens and everything works fine ... thanks!
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