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Ice-EJ and the WTK

albertodsalbertods Member Alberto Della SantinaOrganization: University of Pisa - department of IT EngineeringProject: Mobile remote controller ✭✭
Hi all,
after reading the documentation files ("install.j2me" and "readme") I have a little question to ask you.

As far as J2ME develpment is concerned, I would like to use Ice-EJ with the support of the Sun's WTK (version 2.5).

I've successfully compiled so far the sources and set the config/build properties.

It's not completely clear to me how I can integrate the WTK with Ice-EJ, but first of all I would like a clarification about the contents in the directories "\demo\IceE\jdk" and "\demo\IceE\midp":
shall i create a midlet also with the projects included in the "jdk" directory?

When I start a New Project in WTK, should I have only to copy the IceE classes in the directory of this project? Are those classes included in the IceE.jar file?

Just to try I created a project with the WTK called "ClientMidlet", with the ClientMidlet.java into the "src" directory and the IceE.jar into the "lib" directory.

Is this way correct?

If I build the project I get these errors:
ERROR: finalize methods should not appear
Error preverifying class Ice.Connection
Build failed

I'm pretty sure there is something wrong or missing... :)

Thank you in advance, I appreciate your help a lot

With my very best regards



  • beaglesbeagles Member Brent EaglesOrganization: Eagles Technologies IncProject: Asterisk SCF ✭✭✭
    While the JDK demos are useful examples of IceE for Java programming, they are not MIDlets. The structure of the demos may not be relevant to Java ME and they do not include all of the necessary parts. However, the 'demo/IceE/midp' demo directory contains examples that are complete MIDlets.

    Finalizers are present in the IceE for Java code but are not used in ME. There is a '-nofinalize' option in the 2.2 preverify tool that would cause a similar error. Perhaps you have enabled this option or it is enabled by default in the 2.5 beta.

    IceE for Java has not been tested on WTK 2.5 (beta), so there may be some issues we are not aware of. Also, I'm afraid instructing you on how to use the WTK tools is outside of the scope of this forum. I recommend consulting the WTK documentation and the Sun site for more information.
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