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Is the max connections between client and server 1022?

Is the max connections between client and server 1022?
I did a test that only 1022 connections cound be established between clients and a server .I want to know if ICE has the restriction.


  • marc
    marc Florida
    Ice does not have this restriction, but select() on some operating systems has. For example, under Linux, the highest file descriptor possible for select() is 1024. To increase this number, you would have to recompile the kernel.

    The next version of Ice will therefore use epoll/poll on Unix/Linux, so the select() limit won't matter anymore.

    Note that if you have 1024 connections of which most are idle, it is recommended to use active connection management to reduce the number of connections. If you have 1024 active connections, you might run into limits with respect to what your server can process before you run into any connection limits. For such large-scale deployments, we recommend to use a connection concentrator, such as Glacier2.
  • Hi,
    I know,thank you!