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ICE based HLA

We considering a new HLA implementation based on ICE. Anyone who has good experience with both see any obstacles doing that?
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  • What exactly is HLA?
  • High Level Architecture (HLA) is IEEE standard for distributed simulations. Its widely used in the military domain.

    There are no implementations (what i know) of HLA which utilizes a modern object middleware, so an ICE based HLA would be a major step in the simulation world, and would make HLA more widley used.
  • Do you have other computer simulations that you need to interface? If so, you should check if their interface definition would be "compatible" to the way Ice interfaces are defined.
    Imho it would be a good start to wrap those interfaces for easier integration into your Ice-based simulations.

  • This is OT. so feel free to ignore me.

    Vanderbilt is contemplating using ICE? Doug Schmidt is going to blow some serious smoke out of his ears :-)
  • There is RTI NG1.3, which is implemented base on TAO.
    I think the HLA is so much complicated and not convenience, just like CORBA. I think the simulation system must can run on some runtime infrastructure more simple. I believe that such a runtime infrastructure software can implemented base on ICE.