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IceStorm with IceGrid

Hello, It just (I think) a configuration problem using the IceGridGui. I would like to set up the IceStorm service using Icegrid. However, I'm a bit lost.

I have created a service template with the following endpoints for the IceStorm:

When I'm starting the IceBox it failed. So I've missed something, can you help me ?

Thank you


  • I Forgot the attachment file.
  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Hi joel

    I think that your problem is that your entry point is incorrect

    I have IceStorm (Ice-3.1.1) working with IceGrid with out problems

    here is my config
    <icebox id="IceStorm"
     <service name="IceStorm" entry="IceStormService,31:createIceStorm">				
    	<property name="FreezeDbEnv" value="IceStorm"/>
    	<property name="FreezeDbFile" value="IceStormDB"/>
    	<property name="Ice.MessageSizeMax" value="2048"/>
    	<property name="Freeze.DbEnv.IceStorm.OldLogsAutoDelete" value="1"/>
    	<property name="Freeze.DbEnv.IceStorm.DbPrivate" value="0"/>
    	<property name="Freeze.DbEnv.IceStorm.CheckpointPeriod" value="120"/>
    	<dbenv name="IceStorm"/>
    	<adapter name="${service}.TopicManager" endpoints="tcp">
    	<adapter name="${service}.Publish" endpoints="tcp"/>

    I hope this help you