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UnmashalOutOfBoundsException!!! help

I just encountered a strange problem:I have an ice service, when client call a funciton of this service, an UnmashalOutOfBoundsException was catched. These function need a parameter whose type is an array of an stuct.

The problem is very strange:
On Windows os, the service works perfectly, but on FD5 Linux, the problem comes out:"IC::UnmashalOutOfBoundsException, protocol error: out of bounds during marshaling". But sometimes the service can work normally occasionally on FD5, I cannot find any rule.
I am sure I use the same ice file in both client and server side .
My ice version is the newest: 3.1.1-1.

Any one can help me? Thanks A lot!


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
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  • I have just modifed my Signature

    Thanks for your reply, I have just modifed my Signature.

    we need more help or some discuss about the problem, Thanks a lot!
  • You get an UnmarshalOutOfBoundsException if the operation signatures in the client and server do not match, i.e., if you use different interface definitions for your client and server. Please double-check your Slice definitions, as we are not aware of any other problem that might cause this exception.