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UnmashalOutOfBoundsException!!! help

I just encountered a strange problem:I have an ice service, when client call a funciton of this service, an UnmashalOutOfBoundsException was catched. These function need a parameter whose type is an array of an stuct.

The problem is very strange:
On Windows os, the service works perfectly, but on FD5 Linux, the problem comes out:"IC::UnmashalOutOfBoundsException, protocol error: out of bounds during marshaling". But sometimes the service can work normally occasionally on FD5, I cannot find any rule.
I am sure I use the same ice file in both client and server side .
My ice version is the newest: 3.1.1-1.

Any one can help me? Thanks A lot!


  • matthewmatthew NL, CanadaMember Matthew NewhookOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Internet Communications Engine ✭✭✭
    Before we can provide assistance you must first fill in your signature information as described in the link contained in my signature.
  • mengmanmengman Member
    I have just modifed my Signature

    Thanks for your reply, I have just modifed my Signature.

    we need more help or some discuss about the problem, Thanks a lot!
  • marcmarc FloridaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Marc LaukienOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: The Internet Communications Engine ZeroC Staff
    You get an UnmarshalOutOfBoundsException if the operation signatures in the client and server do not match, i.e., if you use different interface definitions for your client and server. Please double-check your Slice definitions, as we are not aware of any other problem that might cause this exception.
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