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More CCM-like


I'm new to ICE but curious if this technology supports some kind of components - I mean something like CORBA Component Model with factes, event sources etc.


  • Ice supports facets, that's part of the Ice core.

    What problem do you exactly want to solve? Components mean different things to different people. For example, you mention event sources. What do you want to use this for, and why is this something that you cannot do with the existing Ice object model?
  • No problem at all it's just curiosity. CCM is IMHO a pretty strong model which allows very convenient decomposition of complex applications. By 'event sources etc.' I meant different types of ports i.e. synchronous, asynchronous and streaming and whatsmore an easy and clear way of interconnecting component instances. There is also a notion of an assembly which again exposes its own ports and many things which make CBSE useful.

    The question arised because I wonder if there is (or maybe it would be reasonable to build) a component layer on top of ICE similarly to CCM layer over CORBA. Maybe there is such initiative somewhere? What do you think about the idea?

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  • It is no secret that we at ZeroC think that CORBA CCM is an abomination and mostly fantasy material. We have made many statements regarding this in various postings on the Internet, so I don't want to repeat our arguments here. I do not believe that CCM (the parts of the spec that are actually implementable) offers anything that you cannot do with the basic Ice object model. So to answer your question, no, we will definitely not, ever, implement something like CCM for Ice :)
  • :) - thank you for quick response