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Server versioning best practice

ctennisctennis Member Caleb TennisOrganization: AEIProject: Project GINA ✭✭✭
I'm curious what (if anything) other Ice users out there are doing to help maintain some kind of revision/version information embedded in their servers? Right now I've got a number of servers spread out over various machines in the network and some of them are running at various revision levels from my source repository as I can't update them all simultaneously whenever I change a bug or some other piece of behind the scenes code.

Right now what I've done is create a slice file that has an interface to a simple method that returns a string that contains the "revision" of the server, and I embed the subversion repository version into that string at compile time so I can query the server and ask it was its version is and know what subversion revision the server is running from.

I'm curious what others are doing in this effort. I don't want to maintain the information in the slice files, since that requires manual updating everytime there is a change AND many times the changes aren't in the interface but in the implementation. However, it's hard to remember when you're dealing with a large network which revision of server is running at each of the various nodes.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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