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why I can't start icebox as as a Windows service?

If I type icebox --install XXXX, it's ok!
But, icebox --install xxxx --Ice.Config=config, I can't start the service, I will get the error message:
Service start pending.
Service failed to start.
Current state: STOPPED
Exit code: 1066
Service specific exit code: 1
Check point: 0
Wait hint: 0

If run the icebox as a application, all are ok!


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    You most likely have some sort of environment problem such as DLLs not in the correct location. I would suggest check Mark Spruiells article in issue 10 of the Ice newsletter for some hints on debugging your issue. If that doesn't help please let us know. We'll need some more information to help you, such as a code sample, your configuration, Ice version, operating system, and so on.