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newbie can't compile ice-3.1.1 on freebsd 6.1

i'm use gcc 3.4 under freebsd 6.1,sh shell
when i make,
i got this error:
"./config/Make.rules", line 144: Could not find ./config/Make.rules.
"./config/Make.rules", line 146: Missing dependency operator
"./config/Make.rules", line 149: Need an operator
"./config/Make.rules", line 152: Need an operator
"./config/Make.rules", line 154: Missing dependency operator
"./config/Make.rules", line 155: Missing dependency operator
"./config/Make.rules", line 157: Need an operator
"./config/Make.rules", line 159: Need an operator...

but the file exists,
if i change the Makefile,set the path to a absulte pathname,
i got the same on the other line.
Would somebody help me,
thanks very much!


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    Note that FreeBSD is not a supported platform (that is we have neither compiler nor tested Ice on it) so you may run into problems.

    In this case it looks like for whatever reason uname is failing:
    UNAME			:= $(shell uname)
    # Platform specific definitions
    include	 $(top_srcdir)/config/Make.rules.$(UNAME)

    Once you work out what the source of the problem Make.rules.FreeBSD should be included (assuming that uname reports "FreeBSD")
  • Also note that the Ice makefiles are GNU make specific. It's been a long time since I've used FreeBSD, but I don't recall FreeBSD using GNU make as the default 'make'. Perhaps you are using the incorrect make tool?