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problem compile demoj

hello "zeroc" - i try to compile demoj from ice 3.1.1 - after i created a project in intellij/idea5 from .jetbrains.

i have created the project in: C:\Ice-3.1.1

and then went to: demoj sub directory (in idea5) and clicked the "ant" build file, the result is: THE BUILD DID NOT SUCCEED.


  • marc
    marc Florida
    I'm sorry, but you really must include a much more detailed error description if you want us to help you.
  • hello zeroc / mark

    i try to send the .bmp attachments file from firefox3 but it does not work from firefox3.

    i try to use explorer6 and login does not accept user+password that accepted from firefox3.

    all is needed is to compile the build.xml from demoj and i believe that the build will give the same results.
  • marc
    marc Florida
    .bmp attachements? If you have a log, then cut&paste it please. We don't want to read images instead of text logs. Also, you must provide a lot more details. What is intellij/idea5? What is jetbrains? How does this have to do with Ice?
  • build: plain Java JDK + ant 1.7.0

    the tools used for this "ant" build:

    apache ant 1.7.0
    java jdk 6

    JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_01
    in "properties" of "my computer"


    set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_01
    set ANT_HOME=C:\apache-ant-1.7.0
    set PATH=%PATH%;%JUNIT_HOME%;%ANT_HOME%\bin;%ANT_HOME%\lib

    and running this batch file before in order to make windows
    "know" the 3 software packages.
    Buildfile: build.xml






    C:\Ice-3.1.1\demoj\build.xml:15: The following error occurred while executing
    is line:
    C:\Ice-3.1.1\demoj\Ice\build.xml:15: The following error occurred while execut
    g this line:
    C:\Ice-3.1.1\config\common.xml:192: taskdef class Slice2JavaTask cannot be fou
  • The error indicates that the Slice2Java Ant tasks cannot be found. Have you set the ICE_HOME environment variable to path where you installed Ice?
  • i have found the error and corrected it

    the problem is not in: set ICE_HOME=C:\Ice-3.1.1

    the problem starts from a line at:

    "Note that, to build Ice for Java, you must first compile Ice for C++ or, alternatively, download and install an appropriate binary distribution. This is necessary because the Slice-to-Java compiler is written in C++."

    after some time i understood that it's not enough to download vc++2005 express and install it - but you must
    install ice-3.1.1-vc80.msi AFTER, and ONLY then the ANT build succeeds !!!
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    No, this cannot be the problem.

    You can install Ice and build the Java demos without any C++ compiler installed on your system.

    Best regards,