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IceJ 1.2.0 limited functionality

Hi, All!

Why does IceJ 1.2.0 has less packages then C++ version of toolkit? In particular, I'm missing IceSSL Java implementation, Ice.Communicator doesn't use registered Stats, etc. Is that because of low demand of it?

Anyway, I'd like to get involved in that project as Java developer and add my couple coins.
Please let me know if that is appropriated (alexander at ethtech d0t com)


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    Regarding SSL: IceJ uses Java's non-blocking I/O classes (java.nio.*) for better scalability. Unfortunately, the JDK does not provide a non-blocking SSL implementation yet. JDK 1.5 supposedly will provide some kind of solution for this.

    Regarding Stats: Can you provide more information?
  • Well, according to documentations, one can register callback object that implements Stats interface in order to catch incoming/outgoing transfers.
    In IceJ 1.2.0, it is possible to register such a callback. However, the registered callback never receives bytesSent() nor bytesReceived() messages from Udp/TcpTransceiver as it's implemented in C++ version.
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    You're right, this appears to be an oversight on our part. We'll fix it for the next release.