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Minor formatting issue in online documentation

I've been reading through the new online docs (thanks a bunch for this!) and I've noticed that lot of words, seemingly randomly, have dashes in them.

For example, on this page ( notice the word "corre-sponding" in the first sentence.

My hunch is that this is from the PDF formatting when words are broken in line wraps.

Pretty minor detail, but I thought I would share.


  • Strange... I don't see any dashes :confused:
  • Try this page:

    The third line has this:

  • note: for some reason the dash in the word Children came across as a star on the forums.
  • I'm afraid I still can't see it. What browser are you using?

    However, I noticed a strange placement of the </a> tag in the HTML code. Unfortunately, we have limited control over the generated HTML. The HTML is generated by WebWorks from our FrameMaker documentation.
  • I'm using Safari on the Mac.

    Here's a link to a screenshot I just took:
  • I just opened up the page in Firefox on the mac and the mysterious dash was NOT there.

    Must be a safari issue, then. :)
  • Well, there indeed is a strange character in there. I have no idea what it is, and where it is coming from, and why some browsers render it and others don't. We will look into this.
  • This is caused by a bug in the program we use to generate the online doc. I'm afraid that all we can do is report the bug to the vendor... :(

  • Not a problem. It's pretty obvious when the random dash shouldn't be there. Just wanted to make everyone aware.