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Compiling Ice 3.2.0 with Intel C++ Compiler 9.1. (043) on Linux 2.6/64bit

Dear Ice users and developers,

I tried to compile Ice 3.2.0 with the Intel C++ Compiler Version 9.1 (043) on Linux 2.6/64bit.

Only one small change was necessary to make the core of Ice 3.2.0 compile with this compiler. The patch is attached.

The problem, which is solves, is the one of an ambigious call to the constructor of CacheValue because both constructors (the one supplied and the implicit copy constructor), can be called with "(int) 0" as argument by means of implicit conversations. GCC resolves this issue silently. Please note that I have not tested the compilation with other compilers after applying the patch.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to build IcePy-3.2.0 with the intel compiler. But this is not much of an issue to me.

I'd like to give the patch upstream so that - even not officially supported - Ice 3.2.0 compiles out of the box with the intel 9.1 compiler on Linux.



  • marc
    marc Florida
    Thanks for the information. If you would like to have these patches integrated into future versions of Ice, please contact us at