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IceGrid.Registry.SessionTimeout=0 not working in 3.2?

I've read the manual, read the newsletter #21 article, and looked at the source -- RegistryI.cpp. Unlike 3.1, even if we don't use Glacier, I know we must use the Registry interface to create an admin session. I'd like to use this session w/out having to start a thread to keep calling keepAlive. Looks like setting IceGrid.Registry.Session.Timeout=0 would do the trick, 'cause the source shows that is does not create a Reapable if it is 0. I set the .Trace.Session=2 and see that the session does not get destroyed and that the timeout is 0 (I also tried setting it to 86000). However, after about 30 seconds, when my java code tries to access the admin object again, I get a NoObjectExistsException on the admin object. When I do the keepAlive thread, it works. Is there a bug here somewhere? Please advise.