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slice2html 3.2.0 on nested modules yields dangling image links

When slice2html processes nested modules (e.g., module A { module B { ... }; }; ) it produces nested directories (e.g., A, A/B). Any image links in a generated HTML file are prefixed with .., ../.., etc. according to the nesting depth of the file (by Slice :: GeneratorBase :: printHeaderFooter() and getLinkPath() in slice2html/Gen.cpp). Such image links are produced when slice2html is run with --image-dir.

However, image links in an index page are not similarly adjusted. Slice :: StartPageGenerator :: printHeaderFooter() ought to be adjusting them, but doesn't. Consequently, in Ice 3.2.0, slice2html-generated index pages for nested modules may contain image links that point nowhere.

Workaround: Copy your images into each of the nested output directories.


  • Thanks for the bug report, I'll have a look at this!