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Beginner use with Visual Studio C++

Howdy. I'm new to C++ and Ice so I'm not very clued up on how everything is supposed to work. I'm using Visual Studio 2005 Pro to code C++ apps and a friend told me about Ice so I thought I's give it a try. I started reading through the manual and at the very first example I get stuck - the one with the Printer business.

In any case, I create the slice file, compile it and import the .h and .cpp files into an empty C++ project. I then create the Server file according to the manual. The problem is that when I attempt to build and compile the project I get "cannot open include file" and it points to "<Ice/Ice.h>" and "<Printer.h>" in the Server file. I've tried adding my Ice install directory to the project include paths but it doesn't help.

I'm really at a loss. Can anybody help with this? I'm really keen on trying out Ice but at this rate I'll probably give up because I just don't understand! Btw, I've tried this with ice 3.1.1 and 2.1.0 and the same thing happens with both.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    The README.txt file from your Ice distribution directory explains how to setup Visual Studio to build Ice applications. It also has instructions to build the C++ demos included in the distribution.

    I recommend to first take a look at these instructions and try to build the demos. Then you can try creating your own project. If you have problems compiling your project you can check out the demo project files to see the differences.

  • Thanks for pointing me to the Readme. It actually helped me learn a bit more about using VS and VC++ as well. I've managed to compile and run the examples and some homemade stuff so all is working well.

    One thing I recommend is that you mention in the Readme file that Iced.lib and IceUtild.lib (or equivalents) must also be referenced. I ran around like an idiot trying to find out why I had unresolved externals and only after sifting through the sample projects did I find it.